Politically Charged

Normally, I don't even dabble my pinky toe into politics. We all have our own opinions on politics and its most controversial topics, i.e. abortion, LBGT, immigrations, and, of course, welfare.  However, as I grow older, I've also grown 'wiser' (I hope) and have become more able to see both sides of an argument. Now, I have no problem telling you what my opinions are.

My opinions are just that - my opinions.  My belief that ALL people are created equal, that Jesus has called us to LOVE one another, and my life experiences have helped define my opinions.  You don't have to agree and that's okay with me.  However, any argument that gets reduced to name-calling and/or insulting of anothers' intelligence will not be tolerated. That's just rude and is a sorry excuse for not knowing what you're talking about.

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